Home is where the changemakers are…

What a way to start 2019! Today, it was announced that Noisy Cricket is one of six WONDERFUL socially-focused organisations moving into The Federation. Sponsored by the Co-Op Foundation, in partnership with The Luminate Group, they’re supporting us with desk space in the heart of Manchester, in the tech ethics focused co-working space, with the intention of helping us grow and better support the communities we serve.

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As social enterprises supporting people experiencing homelessness, fighting food poverty and enabling community cohesion, we’d say we’re in good company. Company – which as we start to scale Noisy Cricket’s efforts and impact after two years in operation – where we can learn from each other’s models, social change approaches and ways of engaging the people we set up shop to help. Pretty exciting stuff.

For Noisy Cricket in particular though, this means a few things. One, it provides a home for the work we’re doing in tech ethics, health inequality and poverty. Being a small operation can be a lonely business, and working in social impact can be challenging, so to be surrounded by other organisations with purpose makes it feel like we’ve found our people. People who get the challenges of creating social value in a world which is only just waking up to the triple bottom line.

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Secondly, it’s going to become a hub for an exciting new venture we’re building and trialling throughout 2019. For the past year, we’ve been getting under the skin of homeless employment. Tackling the root causes of social issues is our bag and understanding why a region struggling to keep on top of a rising social issue, whilst several industries with major skills gaps led us to ask some questions.

Questions that have led us to the barriers preventing business employing people who have experienced homelessness, and true to our usual form, how we bring diverse voices together with people who are impacted to co-create a solution.  Working collectively can be uncomfortable and working with people we don’t usually interact with can be a steep learning curve, so having The Federation community, of people experienced on working on challenging social issues will be a huge help.


More practically, but most delightful, is the support and encouragement we’re receiving in converting from a socially committed but (legally) limited business to a social enterprise. When we first started out as a social impact consultancy, a social enterprise seemed out of our reach, as working with clients cross-sector, we had the power to influence social change, but not directly create it, making measuring our impact challenging.

All of that is about to change, however. Businesses grow, change, respond to fluxing wants and needs, and Noisy Cricket is no different. As we establish our own models to build people-powered movements – always in partnership with other incredible changemakers – our impact will be both direct and indirect, and with the backing and inspiration of organisations like Luminate, The Co-Op and The Federation, we couldn’t think of a better place in which to transition.

Here’s to 2019, loves!

Lauren x