If you’re here looking for an exciting service design with a progressive social enterprise, you’re in the right place…


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Our Organisation

At Noisy Cricket, we engineer systems change. As social innovators, our mission is to build people-powered movements. Our vision is to bring diverse voices together to co-create solutions to social issues.  

Working purposefully and collectively on the root causes of social issues, founder Lauren Coulman, director Harry Bailey and our partner agencies work to create strategic and cross-sector responses to structural, cultural and personal issues in our society, all with impacted people at the heart of the solutions designed.

Using our unique humanity-centred design process and culture-led theory of change, we map out issue-led insights, build communities, shape campaigns and design social products and services. 

Through our holistic approach, Noisy Cricket’s powerful work empowers changemakers and facilitates social change in health inequality, youth poverty and tech ethics. That’s just through our client consultancy work too. Through conscientious innovation, we’re also on the cusp of launching our first in-house venture in homeless employment, and shaping our second in responsible tech too. 

Our Ambition

As a striving start up, this past year saw us convert to a social enterprise, as well as attract significant funding and sponsorship to fuel our growth. As we look to cement our sustainability and scale our impact, Noisy Cricket needs a curious, courageous and collaborative team to help drive our success.

With aspirations to further strengthen the impact and reach of the consultancy, the next stage of growth will involve refining our own products and services with which to drive and influence change. Developing and financing new ventures is also key, in demonstrating the power of our approach, as well as providing the capital to underpin future research and development

With a solid base in Greater Manchester, in the next three years, we intend to grow nationally, as our movements grow and take new and exciting forms. Health inequality, youth poverty and digital skills are our current spheres of influence and addressing social issues such as these – with diverse communities and strong sense of purpose – is essential in coming on board.

As thought leaders in this space – our founder Lauren Coulman contributes at Forbes.com and director Harry Bailey commentates at Tech for Good Live – we platform our systems thinking and unique insights into social issues. Platforming our team and community of changemakers will play a major part in our intention to grow into a sustainable social enterprise by 2025. 

Most important, however, is the innovative culture of social entrepreneurialism we want to instil in the organisation, with each individual and organisation we employ, partner with or influence to think differently and model new approaches. Actively listening, courageously caring and being ambitiously hopeful is how we live and breathe as Noisy Cricket. 


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Your Remit

Your role as Noisy Cricket’s first service design lead is to oversee and deliver our socially and commercially impactful products and services, understand our users and stakeholder’s holistic needs and map out the innovative models that inform further research and development. As a start-up, you’ll be encouraged to participate in strategic thinking as much as mucking in on delivery.

You will be working directly with our founder, Lauren Coulman, in shaping how we co-create impactful and sustainable solutions to social issues. You’ll also be working with the wider team in contributing to insights and strategies plus communities and campaigns as we grow and evolve our work as an organisation.

We are looking for a service design lead who thinks systemically, is comfortable challenging cultures and structures and is a team player who empowers people. With an ability to work in a flexible way across diverse issues, our new team member will feel comfortable working with a myriad of customers and partners, switching from client consultancy work to our in-house ventures with ease. 

Most importantly, you’ll want to make the world a more equitable, equal and enlightened place, and that’s why we’re particularly interested in hearing from women and gender non-conforming individuals, people of colour, LGBTQIA folk and disabled or neurodiverse people. Being diverse and inclusive simply means we inherently live and breathe the kind of change we want to see in the world.

Your Brief

We’re looking for someone who has the ability (or potential to learn how) to lead and deliver on the following: 

  • Models & Ventures: Mapping end-to-end services and informing design priorities, all of which effect systems change – through the redesign of structures, shift in cultures and empowerment of people – with consultancy clients and on in-house ventures
  • User Research & Service Design: Scoping, designing and prototyping tech products and services – plus the ongoing testing and learning of related features and functionality – underpinned by holistically understanding user needs, synthesizing and mapping insights
  • Agency & Partners: Collaborating and building relationships with external consultants, agencies and partners – from behavioral, content, UX and accessibility design specialists to data and development experts – covering a variety of issues, approaches and sectors
  • Processes & Practices: Shaping internal processes and policies – including the creation of tools and resources that enable the wider team to work collaboratively and effectively – plus engaging in reflective practice to strengthen and evolve our approach

The role is autonomous, and in feeding into strategy and planning alongside the team, you’ll be free to prioritize between consultancy work, in-house ventures and Noisy Cricket projects. 


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Your Remuneration

Starting with a two-year contract, we’re offering £55K annually for the role with 34 days holiday (including bank holidays) annually and a £1000 training budget for the year. You’ll also have access to a skilled mentor to support your professional development and a coach to work with personally.

Our Ways of Working

We work collaboratively at Noisy Cricket – hierarchies aren’t conducive to co-creation – and offer flexible working, so you’ll be free to self-organise your work alongside your teammates. We reflect on performance and growth as a team too. It takes a village, people. 

We also have long grass Fridays, where we go offline for the day and work on personal learning and professional development and Noisy Cricket projects, plus any consultancy work or venture needs that you’re itching to get under the skin of. 

At Noisy Cricket, we’re all about active listening, courageously caring and being ambitiously hopeful, so if you’re curious, willing to challenge the status quo and dream big, you’ll be right at home. 

Given our work to bring together diverse groups of people, making sure we’re inclusive and keeping vulnerable adults safe, so both safeguarding and diversity and inclusion are core to our policies and procedures. 

Our work in these areas is an open conversation and constantly evolving, however, so we’re keen for people who are willing to continuously learn, grow and play a part in how we shape our practices, processes and policies, both internally and externally to the organisation. 


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Stage 1: Expressions of Interest 

Simply let us know that you’re keen to play a part in Noisy Cricket’s future and why by filling in this expression of interest form here

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 2nd July

Stage 2: Pitch

If selected, you’ll be invited to tell us about you and why co-creation speaks to you. This can be a letter, video, written story… whatever speaks to you creatively and will help you best express why Noisy Cricket as an organisation is right for you.

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 16th July

Stage 3: Experience

You’ll be invited to send across your CV, portfolio or comprehensive LinkedIn profile – whatever best showcases your experience – so we can get an idea of your background, plus a case study or proposed approach to how you would address a design brief.. 

CV gaps, alternative work experiences or careers changes aren’t an issue here. We just want to get a feel of where you’re coming from. The case study or proposed approach can come from anywhere – personal or professional experiences – and simply needs to demonstrate why you’re a great fit for the role. 

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 30th July 

Stage 4: Informal Conversation

This will be a simple chat to explore a little bit more about who you are, your values and what motivates you. 

Deadline: Friday 13th August

Stage 5: Formal Interview

We’ll be digging a little deeper into your personal and professional experience and strengths. Past skills will be useful here too, but we’re more interested in your abilities and your approach to your work. 

Deadline: Friday 27th August