Lauren Coulman

Marketing Strategy

Having spent over ten years in corporate marketing, Lauren Coulman is a highly-experienced brand strategist and communicator. Being a scholar on the inaugural year of the Marketing Academy in 2010 – “developing the young marketing talent of today into the leaders of tomorrow” – brought her into a community of the brightest, most insightful and innovative marketing minds in the world. It also cemented her life-long love of her profession.

Digital Expertise

Experience in travel and food & drink came about as the result of following her personal passions – a trait also revealed in her favoured marketing discipline – with a big love for all things digital, having immersed herself in the interconnected and information-rich online world for over half her career.

Advocacy and Community Building

Through working with niche and cult brands such as Renshaw’s and Red’s True Barbecue, in addition to influential and purpose-driven brands of the likes of Nando’s and Cranks, Lauren has a knack for building engaged communities and establishing advocate relationships. Understanding what makes people tick and inspiring them to action, through inspired content and targeted communications, Lauren has played a part in many incredible teams to deliver brand awareness, audience engagement and commercial growth.

Change Campaigning

Putting her finely honed talents to good use, from 2014 Lauren aligned her professional skills with her personal beliefs, volunteering her brand building and communications skills on political issue campaigns and causes within the gender equality movement, particularly through digital activism.

Purpose and Passion

Taking some time out in 2016 to travel South America, she decided it was time to make purpose her full time job, and so, Noisy Cricket came to life. Alongside Free to be OK with Me, the body positive campaign she founded off the back of her involvement with feminist collective Ladyfest MCR, Noisy Cricket is the coming together of the professional and the personal, and the platform though which to help and inspire others to realise the change they want to see in the world.

Here’s why…