Achieve Social Change

Inspiring and mobilising the collective power of people who want to make a difference in the world, we believe in the transformational change that communities with a big sense of purpose and a loud voice can bring about.

Encouraging new, more holistic ways of thinking and calling on inspiration from the most dynamic social action and disruptive brand campaigns, we help changemakers drive social change through working together in partnership, delivering powerful communications and building deeply engaged communities.

Here’s how…

Fostering Understanding

Social movements operate with a deep understanding of the issues. How else would climate change campaigners so effectively lobby governments and NGOs? It’s with this type of burning knowledge that we explore the challenges and issues facing society – from impact to root cause – to better understand the challenges we encounter as changemakers in growing and achieving change.

Developing Strategy

Fierce focus and bold determination characterise the most powerful social movements. The suffragists lobbied government, raised awareness then protested for women’s democratic participation, so establishing your authentic purpose is the first step in realising how you can make a big difference. Married with your unique talents as a changemaker, we work with you to build a purpose focused strategy and plan to achieve your vision with integrity.

Creating Advocacy

All it takes is a Beyonce to stand behind a flashing sign to take a movement mainstream. Whilst we don’t personally know Beyonce, we do help you identify and engage with those influencers which share a common sense of purpose to help further awareness of your cause. Through connecting with established networks and influential people cross-industry, we strengthen our impact and inspire more action.

Building Communities

Building communities of like-minded, engaged and pro-active people is the life-blood of brands and organisations alike. The bold women of #effyourbeautystandards have gathered in their thousands online, and through shining a light on the need for body acceptance, they been rewarded with more races, ages and body shapes in mainstream media. Through attracting, engaging and fostering loyalty in your audiences, you can positively influence and make change happen too.

Inspiring Communications

It’s no use having a vision if you don’t tell people about it. Television was as instrumental to spreading Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” message as the bus seat was to Rosa Parks. Understanding where best to capture your audience, we recommend the media and messages through which to promote your cause – calling on traditional channels, digital platforms and campaigning techniques – to best raise awareness, educate on the issues and invite action in realising your vision.

Insightful Content

Videos of shaking your wobbly bits and sweating proudly was This Girl Can’s inspired way of getting more women into sport. Whether it’s offering thought-leadership, sharing stories or illuminating insights, we help you challenge thinking and make the inconceivable real and personal. We facilitate exploration and execution of ideas to make your communities sit up and notice, spread your message and spring to action, making a big difference where it’s needed.

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