Why Social Change

As our communities and the people in them become more conscious of the global challenges we face, expectations on brands to positively contribute to society and operate sustainably is bigger than ever before. As people and entities with some serious influence in the world, we’ve a lot to live up to.

With the birth of new generations, digitally-able and actively willing to stand up, shout out and organise for change, it’s those people and institutions that come together and do something that will be remembered, though not just for being on the right side of history.

Beyond simply being a good egg, there’s other rewards in it too. Brand with purpose have been shown to be more valuable to their customers. Warm feelings and positive sentiment, happy and more highly engaged employees not to mention higher profits all come to brands with demonstrable purpose.

Joy too for those campaigners and organisations with a strong sense of doing the right thing. Campaigns and organisations with a laser sharp focus and bold, incisive execution of their purpose see greater awareness and noise around the good they’re trying to do, success in fundraising and the all-important big social action.

Encouraging new, more holistic ways of thinking and calling on inspiration from the most dynamic social action and disruptive brand campaigns, we help changemakers drive social change through working together in partnership, delivering powerful communications and building deeply engaged communities.

Here’s how…