Free to Be OK with Me

Every individual has issues and challenges with or in relation to their bodily experiences, and through a group of people coming together with the desire to change the narrative around bodies and its subsequent impact, Noisy Cricket spearheaded the establishment of a body politics community and collective to make the change.


The Vision

Everyone feeling free to be ok with me

The Mission

Enabling body freedom and acceptance

The Action

FTBOWM_PrimaryLogo_Badge_PurpleBringing together a diverse group of people of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, body abilities and body types, Noisy Cricket facilitated workshops on the root causes of body political issues to better understand the challenges and opportunities to change the narrative around our bodies.

Out of the work came the creation of the Free to Be OK with Me (FTBOWM) collective and community – attracting close to 1000 members in its first year – drawing storytellers, artists and campaigners to address personal and societal issues relating to their own experiences, and a platform through which to share stories, experiences and others with similar experiences to your own.

With the aim of raising awareness and fostering better understanding, FTBOWM provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to showcase projects, run events and organise campaigns on issues as diverse as trans rights, cultural appropriation, period taboos and breastfeeding.

Five major projects were showcased at Manchester’s annual feminist festival Wonder Women in 2017, including the Bodies of Manchester photography series, a period taboo poster campaign and interactive Vashrina showcasing vulva diversity. A Bums, Legs and Tums photography project was also featured in the People’s History Museum during the Represent! 100 Years On Exhibition, and the collective also collaborated on #plusorequal, a fat acceptance campaign aiming for plus size equality in the fashion industry.

Openly discussing and being exposed to body political issues has helped members increase their own body confidence, as well as become more understanding and supportive of others experiences, with over 95% of our community finding FTBOWM a positive and empowering platform.

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