Homelessness is one of the most visible and pressing social issues in western society, seeing over 300,000 people officially recorded as homeless in the UK (Shelter, 2017) – not including the hidden homeless – with rough sleeping alone up 169% since 2010 (Homeless Link, 2017).


Creating secure and stable futures for people who have experienced or are vulnerable to homelessness in all its forms.



Our comprehensive research into homelessness in the UK shows it to be a predominantly SYSTEMIC issue, with the power for change sitting in public policy and economic systems.

The dramatic rise in homelessness from 2010 has been fuelled by insecure or underpaid employment opportunities and cuts in welfare, which means people increasingly struggle to make ends meet.

Combined with severely limited social housing, a lack of affordable housing and rising private housing rents, people find themselves without homes. With local government funding being cut during the same period, removing essential support services which prevent the shift in and support the journey out of homelessness.

Sustained homelessness in also a CULTURAL issue. Our collective beliefs around the situations, identities, natures and capabilities of people who are or have experienced homelessness lead to negative perceptions and deeply ingrained stigma, which provide barriers to long-term opportunities and acceptance in society.


Homelessness Partnership and Business Integration

MHPWith a whole city effort required to address the rising issues, through supporting a collective of public and third-sector workers and organisations, Noisy Cricket utilised its research on homelessness to introduce businesses to a community of organisations working to end homelessness in Manchester

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HI “Homeless Inclusive” Future and Employment 

Hyper IslandWith employment being one of the key contributors to rising homelessness AND opportunities in supporting people back to successful outcomes, Noisy Cricket is designing and developing an alternative recruitment model to understand how Manchester’s growing and influential business community can help people create secure and stable futures for themselves.

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