Manchester Homelessness Partnership

Supporting a collective of public and third-sector workers and organisations, Noisy Cricket worked to introduce businesses to a network of organisations working to end homelessness in Manchester.



The Vision

To put an end to homelessness in Manchester.

The Mission

To enable the respectful provision of safe and secure homes and equal access and opportunity to people who are experiencing homelessness.

The Action

MHP Logo 2With lived experience of homelessness at the core of the work, at Noisy Cricket we co-produced informative events utilising our comprehensive research to educate over 250 businesses across the city on the root causes of homelessness and address stigma, leading on to 50 businesses becoming engaged in community organising, actively addressing tactical and strategic efforts to quell the issue.

On a tactical level, establishing the Homeless Partnership Business Group saw a collective of local allotments regularly donate fresh food to day-centres and indoor evening provision across the region, WIFI funded and installed in emergency accommodation and community space made available across the city’s cultural institutions.

On a strategic level, Noisy Cricket is leading the development of an alternative giving campaign, aimed to improve the ease, effectiveness and sustainability of individual giving across the city and region. In collaboration with the city’s major businesses, we’ll be supporting three innovative charities to direct help where its most immediately needed.

The Manchester Homeless Partnership also supported Noisy Cricket on the Hyper Island project, exploring solutions to the private sector opening up, scaling and sustaining employment opportunities for people with personal insight into homelessness.

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