What We Do

Noisy Cricket puts social issues at the heart of our work in empowering changemakers, facilitating social change and building social movements.

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Working across businesses, charities and social enterprises – not to mention grassroots campaigns and collectives – we uniquely bring together diverse voices to create equality.

Here’s how…

RESEARCHING | Insight and Context

Getting to the root-cause of any societal issue allows for sharp focus on what is needed to create scalable and sustainable impact. Using our comprehensive social change model, at Noisy Cricket our strengths lie in mapping complex and challenging social problems, identifying the gaps from which to drive progress and understanding the deep-seated human needs and at play.

STRATEGISING | Purpose and Planning

Every person and each organisation has strengths, skills and resources with which to contribute to the ongoing work to create equality. As social impact consultants, we help identify your social vision, shape strategies that build on your existing work and advise how purpose, people and profit can combine in focusing your efforts to create change.

FACILITATING | Community and Collaboration

Working collectively allows for shaping social solutions that work for everybody in addressing inequality. Ensuring people who have been impacted are central to the work, at Noisy Cricket we create inclusive communities and partnerships where honest conversation and co-produced solutions are key in facilitating equal opportunity and acceptance.

DESIGNING | Projects, Programmes and Products

Progressing social change requires acting with focus, pace and commitment from each individual. Whether establishing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, designing an innovative social change focused service or engaging diverse groups of people, as a social impact consultancy we help facilitate the process.

CAMPAIGNING | Communications and Content

Using your voice to speak up for equality, beyond your immediate network and organisation, is how we create mass change. At Noisy Cricket, we shape communications strategies, mobilise mass communities and create influential content in campaigning to shift perceptions and engage more people in speaking up for change.

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